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I have lived my whole life at Torö Stenstrand (Stonebeach), just a few steps from the surfers, the waves and breathtaking nature.

 Since 10 years I work with ceramics and my studio overlooks the sea.

Naturally the nature and 



My way to the ceramics has been long and not straight,

but in ceramics I have found a platform for my long lived passion for color, shapes and materials.


For as long as I can remember I have painted. During high school I painted acrylic for the artist Kurt Asker and after graduation I took courses in various art techniques at Nyckelviksskolan

and then continued at Gerleborg's art school for 1 year.

I worked for a while at Konsthantverkarna in Stockholm and after that on Dalles advertising agency before studying advertising for three years at Anders Beckman School in Stockholm. I started working as an art director at Hera advertising agency, Stockholm, after which I was recruited to H&M as an advertising manager.



I got married and had three wonderful children who are equally attached to Torö as me and my husband.


Sea, waves, beach, rocks, heather, dwarf pine trees, the colors.

Changing seasons.

Changes in the weather is an exuberant, inexhaustible source

that I try to capture and transfer to the ceramics I make ...

Stoneware at Stone beach - Stenstrandkeramik!

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